BSN Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which version of academic requirements apply to me?

Students may elect to fulfill the requirements in any one of three catalogs, and they may elect to fulfill GE and Integrative requirements from one of these and their major requirements from another:

2) How do I transfer from another college?

3) Can I use a class taken at another UH campus for the UH Hilo BSN Program?

Courses taken at any UH campus could apply toward prerquisites for the UH Hilo BSN Program under an articulation agreement among all UH campuses. Print a copy of the equivalencies by clicking the link: 2010 UH Hilo Systemwide Articulated Courses. For other course equivalencies not on that list, please check on course equivalencies throughout the UH system/

4) What if I skip a semester between UH Hilo classes?

Students should contact the UH Hilo Admissions Department at uhhadm@hawaii. edu or call (808) 932-7446 for a Continuing Student Form that will allow a student to skip one semester without reapplying. Students must reapply if they miss more than one semester and may be subject to new graduation requirements.

5) What if I want to take an online course at another campus?

Online courses are posted in the UH DL website for each semester:

6) Why obtain the BSN in Nursing?

The BSN degree is an educational achievement that signals a nurse’s basic preparation as a nurse leader and critical thinker. This is clearly described in information provided by the nursing professional organization, the Academy of Academic Colleges of Nursing, AACN. (downloaded 11/2/04)

7) What if I'm in the grade or high school and am just curious about becoming a nurse?

It is not too early to start preparing for a future nursing career in junior high/ intermediate school or senior high school. Pay close attention to getting science courses into your schedules and getting good grades along the way. The Hawaiʻi Area Health Education Council works at helping students to enter healthcare field, get more information from AHEC's web site.

8) What if I'm interested in donating money, items, or services to the nursing program?

9) How much does it cost to attend UH Hilo?

A breakdown of the costs required to attend UH Hilo can be found Financial Aid site. In addition to tuition, there is a $500.00 per semester professional fee. The initial approximate cost of books is $400-$600.00 and the cost varies from semester to semester. There is also a one time cost at the beginning of your first semester in the Nursing Program for uniforms and supplies. If you are looking to apply for Financial Aid, please click here.

Questions about the RN to BSN Program?

Contact your advisor if you have more questions or call (808) 932-7067 for assistance.