Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price

Jonathan Price


Chair and Associate Professor, Geography


PhD, Geography - University of California at Davis
BS, Geography & minor in Botany - University of California at Davis
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Department of Botany - National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

Courses Taught:

  • GEOG 101 - Introduction to Physical Geography
  • GEOG 319 - Natural Hazards
  • GEOG 480 - Geographic Information Systems and Visualization
  • GEOG 481 - Spatial Data Analysis and Modeling


Phone: (808) 932-7241
Room Location: K-248
Fax: (808) 932-7298
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List of Research Projects:

  • EPSCoR Hawaiʻi Cyberinfrastructure Team Lead
  • Natural Hazards, Island of Hawaiʻi
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  • 2008 James, Helen F. and J.P. Price. Integration of paleontological, historical, and geographic data on extinction of koa-finches. Diversity and Distributions 14: 441-451.
  • 2007 Price, J.P., S.M. Gon III, J.D. Jacobi, and D. Matsuwaki. Mapping plant species ranges in the Hawaiian Islands: developing a methodology and associated GIS layers. HCSU Technical Report 008.
  • 2007 Price, J.P., J.D. Jacobi. Rapid assessment of vegetation at six potential  ĽAlala release sites. HCSU Technical Report 006
  • 2006 Price, J.P.. Predicted plant species distributions and species richness. In Gon, S.M., A. Allison, R.J. Canarella, J.D. Jacobi, K.Y. Kaneshiro, M.H. Kido, M. Lane-Kamahele, and S.E. Miller. Hawaiʻi Gap Analysis Program Final Report.
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