ED 616A, Assessment and Evaluation in Education I

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Systematic study of the theory and technology of measurement, assessment and evaluation in educational settings, emphasizing the development and use of traditional techniques.


  • Develop knowledge needed to understanding and evaluate current issues related to standardized and traditional assessment.
  • Develop knowledge needed to discuss the role of traditional assessment in Hawaiʻi public schools.
  • Development knowledge needed to understand the concepts of reliability, validity, and absence-of-bias in relation to assessment and evaluation in schools.
  • Develop knowledge needed to critique tests used in Hawaiʻi public schools as to their reliability, validity, and absence-of-bias.
  • Develop knowledge needed to critique tests from quantitative and qualitative perspectives.
  • Develop knowledge needed to use web-based statistical analysis program to support test analysis.
  • Work cooperatively to develop strategies to meeet Objectives 1-6.
  • Develop a personal learning goals(s)/focus(i) related to the content of this course.


  • Class participation
  • Learning Journal
  • Website Introduction
  • Test Critique