ED 610, Foundations of Education

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Social and intellectural history of education. Historical and contemporary relationships between schools and society. Foundations of the major philosophies of education. Contemporary educational theory and practice as related to major historical, philosophical and social factors in American culture.


  • Students will engage in foundational, historical and philosophical issues of Education to help foster a critical analysis and transformational response.
  • Students will gain deeper insight into the art of philosophical inquiry and make sense of such fundamental ideas as: epistemology, ontology, radical empiricism, hermeneutics, positivism, chaos theory, hegemony, ‘ike na’au, dialectic vs. polemic, ecological literacy, and deep feminism.
  • Students will be exposed to various philosophical fields of interest and also to thinkers within these fields so they can lay a foundation for critical and transformational discourse on issues relevant to Education in Hawai’i. 


  • Weekly Assignments
  • Philosophy Teaching Session Handout
  • Philosophy Teaching Session/Presentation
  • Statement of Philosophy of Education