ED 600, Education of Ethnic Groups in Hawaii

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Survey of social-psychological learning characteristics, heritage, identity problems of Hawaii ethnic groups, study of prejudice and inter-ethnic hostilities as related to education and teaching.


Understand more of the history of race and Education in Hawai’i

  • Effectively debate the pros and cons of Pidgin in the DOE
  • Critique race demographics in the DOE (teachers, administrators, students)
  • Debate the impact of culture on learning styles and understanding
  • Be able to link topics of race and education within their Action Research Project
  • Understand the role of colonialism and power within Education in Hawai’i
  • Recognize their own stage of awareness with regard to race, oppression and the politics of Education in Hawai’i
  • Know the difference between race, nationality, ethnicity and culture


  • Reading
  • Handouts
  • Written Papers