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Progression, and Readmission Policies

Participants are required to be full-time students during both Fall and Spring semesters. During this time, students are expected to devote all their energies and efforts to the course work, field experiences, and other requirements of the program. There are no elective courses.


Grades below C will not be accepted in courses designated to fulfill certificate requirements. Required TEP courses, unless designated credit/no credit, may not be taken on a credit/no credit basis. A 3.0 GPA must be maintained in all cohort program course work. A student whose GPA in cohort courses falls below 3.0 may be dismissed from the program. In order to enroll in the TEP courses, students must be admitted into the program. Students must progress through the Teacher Education Program in two consecutive semesters. Spring semester enrollment is based on recommendation of the Education faculty. A student may be removed from a field experience when, in judgment of the Education faculty, Department of Education cooperating teacher, and school principal the student is disrupting the educational process or is not making satisfactory progress toward meeting the requirements of the program. Such removal may result in complete dismissal from the program.

Students and candidates who stop out of the University must reapply and meet all criteria in effect for the respective Admission deadline.