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Chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the changes that they undergo.Everything that is known in the physical universe is made up of either matter or energy and the rest is just empty space.Chemistry is often referred to as the central science. All other branches of the physical sciences touch upon the subject of chemistry and indeed, here at UH HILO all majors in the Natural Sciences Division except for Mathematics and Physics are required to take courses in Chemistry. Chemistry will play an important role in your lives in many ways. Many of the political decisions about the environment today have their basis in chemically oriented questions. This is in part due to the integral role that chemistry plays in the development of modern high technology. It is also an essential part of everyday living. As you cook, eat, and clean in and around your homes, you are made aware of the many "chemicals" that are constantly in your daily life.

Chemistry at UH Hilo

The Chemistry program at UH Hilo offers two distinct plans, the traditional Chemistry major with a Physical emphasis and another plan with a Health Science emphasis. The first two years of both plans are almost identical, requiring the General and Organic Chemistry, Physics and Calculus. The next two years diverge. The Physical emphasis major requires more upper division courses in Chemistry while the Health Sciences major requires upper division courses in Biology along with Chemistry courses. Both plans lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry. Either plan prepares a student for the job market immediately after graduation or for further pursuing their education in graduate or professional schools. As the name implies, the Health Science emphasis is designed for those students who are seeking careers in health realted fields such as medicine.

Why Study Chemistry

Chemists contribute in a myriad of ways to our society today and will continue to do so practically and theoretically. This notion becomes more apparent as we head into a future that is becoming more technologically oriented. Our lives are becoming more dependant upon what chemistry can do. The study of life itself can be approached as a question of chemistry. Chemistry is omnipresent and it can be overwhelming, however, it can also be enlightening and comforting to be able to have a better understanding of our physical universe by studying Chemistry.