Summer Sessions: ANTH 482—Archaeological Field Methods


6 Credits, June 13- July 8, 2011


Course Description: This 6-credit course offered through UH Hilo Summer Sessions is a hands-on extended field experience in archaeological methodology.  We will be continuing a project that began in 2001 involving the study of 19th century and early 20th century ranching sites on Mauna Kea.  We will be investigating various sites along Mana Road particularly in the areas of Lauamai`a near Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge. 

The course is five weeks long (June 1-June 27) and will be run in conjunction with Dr. Carolyn White (University of Nevada, Reno) and a group of students from UNR.  The first week of the course will be spent in Hilo where we will cover basic aspects of archeological field survey and excavation and conduct short field trips.  Beginning on Monday, June 8th, the class will head to the field where we will stay in facilities along Mana Road (4-wheel drive accessible only).  These facilities include potable water, a toilet and a shower, but we will not be returning to Hilo or other towns Monday-Friday.

Fees: There is a 6-credit Summer Sessions tuition fee and an additional $1000 for gas, food and housing for the four weeks in the field.


Anth 110 (Introduction to Archaeology) or an equivalent is a pre-requisite, and you are also required to be covered by medical insurance. You need to receive permission from the instructor- Dr. Peter Mills- in order to enroll.  Enrollment is limited to 13 students.  Please see professor Mills for an application.  He can be reached at Rm 264 EKH, UH Hilo; email; phone (808) 932-7268.  The application deadline is May 1.  Priority will be given to the earlier applications.

Application form and procedures