University of Hawaii at Hilo Catalog 2013–2014

Summer Session

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Corinne Tamashiro, Coordinator,
College of Continuing Education and Community Service
UH Hilo, 891 Ululani Street, Hilo (off campus)
Tel: +1 (808) 974-7664
Fax: +1 (808) 933-8863
Mailing address: 200 W. Kāwili Street, Hilo, HI 96720-4091

Summer Session provides students with a unique multi-cultural experience. Credit and non-credit courses as well as special events are offered. Summer allows the opportunity for new students to get an early start on their college careers and for continuing students to accelerate their academic progress, spend time concentrating on one course, or taking a course that is exclusively offered in the summer. Summer also allows students a chance to interact with a variety of individuals or groups of visiting students from abroad and the mainland U.S.

Special programs in marine science, astronomy, volcanology and other sciences are offering, allowing students to take advantage of the “living laboratory” of Hawaiʻi Island.

Rev. 3/19/13