University of Hawaii at Hilo Catalog 2013–2014

Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

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Center for Global Education and Exchange
PB 9, Room 6

Tel: (808) 933-8810; Fax: (808) 933-8811

Studying in another country offers a first-hand experience of other cultures. UH Hilo students who study abroad acquire valuable skills and expertise for an increasingly internationalized and interdependent world. Additionally, UH Hilo hosts incoming exchange students from different nations and cultures each semester. These international exchange students offer diverse viewpoints and experiences to the university and greater Hilo community.

The staff at the Center for Global Education and Exchange assists in the selection of programs sponsored by UH Hilo as well as from affiliated programs, such as the Semester at Sea program. In addition, UH Hilo students are eligible to participate in study abroad programs sponsored by participating campuses in the National Student Exchange Consortium. Information and advising also are available for other education abroad opportunities.

Besides the opportunity to experience other cultures, the biggest advantages for students to study abroad through UH Hilo programs are that credits earned abroad can be transferred toward graduation, and in most cases, the cost will be UH Hilo resident tuition for residents of Hawaiʻi.

Financial aid and several sources of scholarships for students also are available.

Schedule of Fees

Below is a schedule of fees charged to students participating in international study abroad or student exchange programs. Fees are charged for each participation period (semester or year). Fees for periods less than a semester will be adjusted accordingly.

Fees Students
$150.00 UH Hilo students participating in international study abroad/exchange programs
$200.00 Incoming international exchange students
$200.00 Students from other institutions that are participating in a UH Hilo international study abroad/exchange program.

Rev. 3/5/13