University of Hawaii at Hilo Catalog 2013–2014

Pharmacy Studies

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Program Dean: 
John M. Pezzuto, Ph.D.

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo
, 34 Rainbow Drive
, Hilo, HI 96720


Tel: (808) 933-2909


  • Edward Fisher, Ph.D., R.Ph., Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
  • Kenneth Morris, Ph.D.
  • John M. Pezzuto, Ph.D., Dean of College
  • Rose Tseng, Ph.D., Chancellor Emerita

Associate Professors:

  • Andre S. Bachmann, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Robert P. Borris, Ph.D., FLS, Associate Dean, Research
  • Susan Jarvi, Ph.D., Director, Pre-Pharmacy Program
  • Deborah T. Juarez, Sc.D.
  • Carolyn Ma, Pharm.D., BCOP, CHTP/I
  • Supakit Wongwiwatthananukit, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
  • Anthony Wright, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors:

  • Julie Ann Luiz Adrian, D.V.M.
  • Katherine Anderson, Pharm.D., GCP, FASCP
  • Forrest Batz, Pharm.D.
  • Leng Chee Chang, Ph.D.
  • Benjamin Chavez, Pharm.D., BCPP
  • Mahavir B. Chougule, Ph.D.
  • Anita E. Ciarleglio, Ph.D., R.Ph.
  • Linda Connelly, Ph.D.
  • Roy Goo, Pharm.D.
  • Daniela Guendisch, Ph.D.
  • Aaron Jacobs, Ph.D.
  • Dana-Lynn Koomoa-Lange, Ph.D.
  • Yaw Owusu, Pharm.D.
  • Dianqing Sun, Ph.D.
  • Candace Tan, Pharm.D.
  • Ghee T. Tan, Ph.D.
  • Gary Ten Eyck, Ph.D.
  • Sheri Tokumaru, Pharm.D.


  • Anthony Otsuka, Ph.D.
  • Mimi Pezzuto, R.Ph.

Clinical Specialists:

  • Erynn Kishimoto, Pharm.D.
  • Christina Mnatzaganian, Pharm.D.
  • Peyton Wong, Pharm.D.

Director of Clinical Education:

  • Lara Gomez, Pharm.D.

Clinical Education Coordinator:

  • Patricia Jusczak, B.S.
  • Leslie Rodriguez, Pharm.D.

Students earning the Bachelor of Arts in Pharmacy Studies degree (BAPS) attain broad and thorough knowledge in the liberal arts and basic sciences, as well as specialized education in the field of pharmacy, both didactic and experiential in nature. These students are well positioned to take advantage of numerous educational and career opportunities in diverse areas, including positions in pharmacy, health care, or medicine, or may continue on in research, business, and academia.

The BAPS degree also acknowledges the achievement of students who complete a minimum of four years of college education, including rigorous course work in the basic and pharmacy sciences, on their path to the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree.

This degree is available only to students currently enrolled in the PharmD program at UH Hilo College of Pharmacy.

Student Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the four year PharmD program a graduate will be able to:

  1. Think critically and solve problems effectively.
  2. Communicate effectively with patients and other health care providers in all matters related to providing pharmaceutical care. 
  3. Make ethical decisions concerning pharmaceutical care. 
  4. Demonstrate professional and social responsibility.
  5. Engage in self-directed learning.
  6. Manage all aspects of pharmacy related activities.
  7. Promote public health and provide drug information and education to patients and other health care providers.


Rev. 3/19/13