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Multidisciplinary Hawaiian Studies Certificate

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Contact: Jason D. Cabral, M.A. (
Haleʻōlelo (3355) Room 163
200 W. Kāwili Street, Hilo, HI  96720-4091
Tel: 932-7433 or 932-7360

26 semester hours

  1. Required Courses (8 semester hours)
    • HAW 101-102 Elementary Hawaiian I & II or any higher numbered Hawaiian Language course (8)
  2. Core Electives (3 semester hours)
    • 3 semester hours taken from:
      • HWST 111 The Hawaiian Ohana (3)
      • HWST 176 The History and Development of Hawaiian Music (3)
      • HWST 211 Hawaiian Ethnobotany (3)
      • HWST 213 Hawaiian Ethnozoology (3)
  3. Related Electives (15 semester hours)
    • 15 semester hours with no more than 6 semester hours of the same alpha
      • Courses taught through English in the Monitoring the Culture track of the Hawaiian Studies B.A.
      • Courses pertaining to Native Hawaiians or Hawaii, including courses taught through Hawaiian, if previous permission is obtained from the Hawaiian Studies department chair

Note: The Certificate in Multidisciplinary Hawaiian Studies may be pursued by Hawaiian Studies and other discipline majors and by those purusing any other certificate or certificates at UH Hilo. Credits may be shared once or more than once between this certificate and other degrees and certificates on campus, but no more than 9 credits can be shared between the Certificate in Multidisciplinary Hawaiian Studies and any single one of the following: the Hawaiian Studies B.A., the Certificate in Hawaiian Culture, the Certificate in Hawaiian Language.

Rev. 3/5/14