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HORT 101  Intro Horticulture in Hawaii (2) Introduction to the cultural practices used in horticulture today with emphasis on growing plants in the Hawaiian environment. This course is intended for persons in the community or plant industry who have not had formal training in basic horticulture. Agriculture majors should take HORT 262.

HORT 262  Princ Of Hort (3) (lec., lab) Introduction to the various divisions of horticulture and the relationship of plants to environment; Plant structure and function with opportunities for observation and practice of various horticultural technologies. Students are required to participate in a garden project. (GenEd/IntReq: GCC)

HORT 263  Hydroponics (3) (lec., lab) Introduction to circulating and non-circulating hydroponic methods. Students are required to participate in the construction and maintenance of a hydroponic system. Pre: HORT 262.

HORT 264  Plant Propagation (3) (lec., lab) Seminal propagation; vegetative propagation by cuttings, grafting, budding, layering, division and separation. Propagating systems and plant tissue culture. Recommended: HORT 262

HORT 266  Nursery Management (4) Horticulture and management practices involved in the operation of wholesale nurseries in Hawaiʻi with emphasis on production of tropical foliage plants. Practical laboratories will include propagation, soil media, structures, irrigation, nutrition, environmental control, post-harvest handling, and marketing. Excursions to various nurseries. Pre: HORT 262 or instructor's consent.

HORT 303  Intro Plant Tissue Culture (3) (lec., lab) Introduction to the basic concepts and principles of tissue culturing plants. Special emphasis will be placed on setting up a laboratory and other business concerns. Limited enrollment. Pre: HORT 262 or instructor's consent. Recommended: HORT 264.

HORT 304  Plant Tissue Culture Acclimatz (3) (lec., lab) Discussion and application of methods employed to acclimate locally tissue cultured plants. Limited enrollment. Pre: HORT 262. Recommended: HORT 303.

HORT 350  Trop Landscape Horticulture (3) (lec., lab) Identification of landscape plants; design, construction, installation, care and maintenance of landscapes. Limited enrollment. Pre: HORT 262 or BIOL 175.

HORT 351  Veg Crop Production (3) (lec., lab) Vegetable cultural methods, postharvest handling method and marketing. Special emphasis will be placed on rowing crops for market sales. Pre: HORT 262 or instructor's consent.

HORT 352  Trop Fruit Production (3) (lec., lab) History, botanical relationships, climatic relationships, culture, management, and marketing. Excursions to various fruit orchards. Pre: HORT 262 or instructor's consent.

HORT 354  Floriculture (4) (lec., lab) Cultural and management practices in production of cut flowers and flowering pot plants. Major Hawaiian and mainland flower crops are considered. Visits to anthurium and other enterprises. Pre: HORT 262 or instructor's consent.

HORT 360  Orchidology (4) (lec., lab) Systematics, anatomy, physiology, and breeding of orchids with emphasis on production of orchid plants and flowers. Practical laboratories will include culture from pollination to marketing and field trips to local orchid nurseries.

HORT 437  Structure Of Trop Plants (4) (lec., lab) Plant structure in relation to cultural practices, functions, genetic factors and development. Pre: BIOL 175. (Same as BIOL 417)

HORT 450  Adv Plant Tissue Cult (3) (lec., lab) Provides the student with hands-on experience in plant tissue culture techniques. Evaluative and diagnostic skills will be emphasized. Students will design and test techniques most appropriate for tissue culturing plant(s) of interest. Limited enrollment. Repeatable for a maximum of six credit hours. Pre: HORT 303.

HORT 451  Plant Improvement (3) (lec., lab) Application of plant breeding techniques and methods of improving crops with special emphasis on Hawaiian plants.

HORT 471  Post Harvest Handling (3) (lec., lab) Methods of handling, storing, and shipping of fresh horticultural commodities with emphasis on Hawaiian fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. Pre: CHEM 114 or CHEM 124 or equivalent, and HORT 262.

HORT 481  Weed Science (3) (lec., lab) Classification, identification, and adaptation of weeds. Principles of weed control, including properties, use, and action of herbicides. Pre: HORT 262 or BIOL 175 and one year of chemistry.

HORT x94 Special Topics in Subject Matter (Arr.) (IO) Special topics chosen by the instructor. Course content will vary. May be repeated for credit, provided that a different topic is studied. Additional requirements may apply depending on subject and topic.

HORT x99 Directed Studies (Arr.) (IO) Statement of planned reading or research required. Pre: instructor’s consent.

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