University of Hawaii at Hilo Catalog 2013–2014

Hawaiian Culture Certificate

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19 semester hours

  1. Required Courses (4 semester hours)
    • KHAW 104 First Level Partial Hawaiian Immersion (4) or HAW 201 Intermediate Hawaiian I (4) or any higher level language course equaling 4 semester hours
  2. Core Electives (3 semester hours)
    • 3 semester hours taken from:
      • HWST 111 The Hawaiian ʻOhana (3)
      • HWST 176 The History and Development of Hawaiian Music (3)
      • HWST 211 Hawaiian Ethnobotany (3)
      • HWST 213 Hawaiian Ethnozoology (3)
  3. Related Electives (12 semester hours)
    • 12 semester hours taken from:
      • ANTH 385 Hawaiian and Pacific Prehistory (3)
      • ANTH 386 Hawaiian Culture (before 1819) (3)
      • ANTH 387 Modern Hawaiian Culture (1819 to present) (3)
      • HWST 205 Hawaiian Music in Action (2)
      • HWST 461 Pana Hawaiʻi (3)
      • HWST 471 Mele ʻAuana (3)
      • HWST 472 Hula ʻAuana (3)
      • HWST 473 Oli/Mele Kahiko (3)
      • HWST 474 Hula Kahiko (3)
      • HIST 274 History of Hawaiʻi (3)
      • other courses from the core elective list.

Notes: The Certificate in Hawaiian Culture may be pursued by Hawaiian Studies and other discipline majors and by those pursuing any other certificate or certificates at UH Hilo. Credits may be shared once or more than once between this certificate and other degrees and certificates on campus, but no more than 9 credits can be shared between the Certificate in Hawaiian Culture and any single one of the following: the Hawaiian Studies B.A., the Certificate in Hawaiian Language, the Certificate in Multidisciplinary Hawaiian Studies.

Upon agreement between Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani and I Ola Haloa at Hawaii Community College (HawCC), up to six semester hours in courses at the 100 level and above taken in the HawCC Hawaii Lifestyles Degree Program may be applied. Students should speak to a Hawaiian Studies advisor about the process for receiving permission to apply such courses to this certificate and for enrolling in such courses.