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Graduate Courses

How to read the course descriptions

Courses are described using the following format:

①CRS ②NUM ③Title ④(cr.) ⑤(hrs/wk) ⑥(freq.) ⑦Full course description. ⑧Pre: pre-requisites. ⑨(Same as X-List)

  1. Course subject
  2. Course number
  3. Course title
  4. Number of semester hours (credits)
  5. Contact hours per week if non-lecture
  6. (if applicable) Expected frequency course is offered:
    • (S) Every semester
    • (Y) Yearly
    • (AY) Alternate years
    • (IO) Infrequently offered
    • (Summer) Summer sessions only
  7. Full description of the course.
  8. (if applicable) Prerequisites, co-requisites, recommended preparation or other requirements
  9. (if applicable) Cross-listed courses (equivalent courses offered through another subject heading)

Special notations used are as follows:

  • (1-3), for example = the number of semester hours, in this example, may be 1, 2, or 3, as determined by the instructor at the time of offering.
  • (Arr.) = the number of semester hours is arranged by the instructor.

Certain number endings are reserved for particular types of courses:

  • “94” courses are Special Topics Courses.
  • “95” courses are Seminars.
  • “96” courses are Internship Courses.
  • “97” and “98” courses are Experimental Courses offered only for one year on that basis (“97” is usually offered in the Fall and “98” in the Spring).
  • “99” courses are Research and Directed Studies Courses.

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Graduate Courses