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General Education Core: Basic Requirements (All Majors)

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These requirements apply effective Fall 2011. Students may choose to graduate under the requirements in force at the time they entered the UH System provided there has not been a break in enrollment of more than one semester, excluding summer), when they entered UH Hilo, or when they graduate. For more information, see the Catalog Choice and Retroactivity policy:

  1. No course may be counted for more than one General Education CORE requirement. Students are cautioned that, in a few instances, a single course has been certified for more than one of the General Education Basic or Area Requirements. However, students completing such a course may only receive credit toward a single such requirement. They will be offered their choice of which requirement is satisfied and will be expected to fulfill the other requirement(s) with other courses.
  2. Courses which meet both major requirements and General Education Core or Integrative requirements may be simultaneously counted for both. (Courses are not excluded from meeting the UH Hilo General Education requirements solely because they also may be required for a major.)
  3. Courses which are certified for a General Education Core requirement and an Integrative requirements may be simultaneously counted for both.

1. English Composition Requirement (3 semester hours)

Students must successfully complete a first-year writing course. This requirement is met by taking one of the following courses: ENG 100, ENG 100T, ESL 100 or ESL 100T. It is recommended that students complete the English composition requirement within their first 24 semester hours at UH Hilo.

Entering students who do not posses an SAT or ACT essay score, transfer students who have not transferred a course equivalent to English 100, and all students who are non-native speakers of English must take the UH Hilo Writing Placement Examination. This will determine what English course you are placed into.

2. Language Arts (3 semester hours)

Students select a semester course of foreign language study, linguistics or second level English to fulfill this requirement. These courses engage students in the process of constructing, analyzing, and employing language. Additional courses may be certified for this category. These courses are also listed at

Select one:

  • CHNS 101  Elementary Chinese I
  • CHNS 102  Elementary Chinese II
  • CHNS 107  Accelerated Elementary Chinese
  • COM 270  Introduction to Theories of Human Communication
  • CS 200  Web Technology I
  • ENG/WS 204  Introduction to Race/Gender Film Studies
  • ENG 205  HawaiĘ»i on Screen
  • ENG/WS 206  Introduction to Popular Culture
  • ENG/WS 257 Multicultural Literature
  • ENG 286A  Introduction to Fiction Writing
  • ENG 286B  Introduction to Poetry Writing
  • ENG 290 Literature & Medicine
  • ENG 462  Shakespeare II
  • FIL 101  Elementary Filipino I
  • FR 101  Elementary French I
  • FR 102  Elementary French II
  • HAW 101/107  Elementary Hawaiian I
  • HAW 102/107  Elementary Hawaiian II
  • HAW 201/207  Intermediate Hawaiian I
  • HAW 202/207  Intermediate Hawaiian II
  • JPNS/JPST 101  Elementary Japanese I
  • JPNS/JPST 102  Elementary Japanese II
  • JPNS 107  Accelerated Elementary Japanese
  • JPNS/JPST 201  Intermediate Japanese II
  • JPNS/JPST 202  Intermediate Japanese II
  • KHAW 103  First Level Trans Hawaiian Immersion
  • KHAW 104  First Level Partial Hawaiian Immersion
  • KHAW 108  Accel First Level Hawaiian Immersion
  • KHAW 133  First level Hawaiian for Speakers
  • KHAW 203  Second Level Univ. Hawaiian Immersion
  • KHAW 204  Second Level Univ. Hawaiian Immersion
  • KHAW 208  Accel Second Level Univ. Hawaiian  Immersion
  • KHAW 233  Second Level Hawaiian for Speakers
  • KIND 240  Culture Revitalization Movement
  • LING 102  Introduction to Linguistics
  • LING 133  Elem. Indigenous Language
  • LING 233  Intermediate Indigenous Language
  • SPAN 101  Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN 102  Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN 201  Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 202  Intermediate Spanish II

3. Quantitative Reasoning (6 semester hours)

Students must select a one semester lower-division course in Mathematics AND a second course in Mathematics or another field. These courses enable students to understand the use of mathematical or symbolic concepts and require students to develop skills in chains of reasoning from data to conclusions. These courses are also listed at

Select one course from List A and one course from either List A or List B:

List A:

  • MATH 100  Survey of Math
  • MATH 104  Precalculus Math
  • MATH 104F  Precalculus I: Functions
  • MATH 104G  Precalculus II: Trigonometry & Geometry
  • MATH 111/CS 102  MS Office Tools for Math and Science
  • MATH 115  Applied Calculus
  • MATH 121  Introduction to Statistics & Probability
  • MATH 205  Calculus I
  • MATH 206  Calculus II
  • MATH 231  Calculus III

List B:

  • AGBU 110  Microcomputing for Agriculture
  • ASTR 180  Principles of Astronomy I
  • CHEM 100/111  Chemistry for Non-Science Majors
  • CS 102/MATH 111  MS Office Tools for Math and Science
  • CS 282  Computer Competency for Business
  • ECON 131  Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • ECON 340  Money & Banking
  • GEOG 201  Interpreting Geographic Data
  • GEOL 170  Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  • MARE 250  Statistical Applications in Marine Science
  • PHIL 345  Symbolic Logic
  • QBA 260  Business Statistics
  • SOC 280/280L  Statistical Reasoning/Lab

4. World Cultures (6 semester hours)

Students select two semester courses. These courses offer a broad, integrated anlysis of cultural, economic, political, scientific, philosophical, religious and social developments that recognizes the diversity of human societies, diverse cultural traditions and cross-cultural interaction.

Select two:

  • AG 100  Intro to Agricultural Sciences
  • AG 230  Sustainable Agriculture
  • ANTH 100  Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH/WS 320  Cross-Cultural Study of Women
  • ANTH/WS 324  Culture, Sex, and Gender
  • ANTH 372  Culture through Film
  • ENG/WS 201  Global Cinema
  • ENG/WS 202  Literature of Human Rights
  • ENG 253  World Literature: Class – 17th Century
  • ENG 254  World Literature: 17th Cent – Present
  • ENG 275  Literature of the Earth
  • ENG 289  The Rhetoric of Food
  • GEOG 102  Geography of World Cultural Regions
  • HIST 151  World History: To 1500
  • HIST 152  World History: From 1500
  • KIND 240  Culture Revitalization Movement
  • LING 432  Critical Applied Linguistics
  • POLS 251  Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • WS 357  Women and Religion

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