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DNCE 110  Pilates Beginning Matwork (1) Body conditioning program in Pilates method. Emphasis on fundamentals and beginning mat exercises.

DNCE 151  Dance Techniques (2) Study of the basic vocabulary of dance and the collaborative contributions of choreographers, dancers and musicians. Experiential work in the development of basic stage movement, including understanding of period demands. May be taken concurrently with music and drama technique courses. Required for all Performing Arts majors.

DNCE 160  Ballet I (3) Introduction to classical ballet. Movements, techniques and appreciation of ballet. Previous experience not required. May be repeated once for credit.

DNCE 180  Jazz Dance I (3) Introductory course in jazz dance style and techniques. May be repeated once for credit.

DNCE 190  Modern Dance I (3) Basic techniques of Modern Dance as an art form. May be repeated once for credit.

DNCE 210  Pilates Intermediate Matwork (1) Continuation of DNCE 110. Emphasis on additional strength and stamina skills. Pre: DNCE 110 or instructor's consent.

DNCE 251  Intro To Dance (3) History, scope, and theory of human movement. Study of the correlation of dance, music, and visual expression. Not a performance course.

DNCE 260  Ballet II (3) Continuation of Ballet I. Movements, techniques, and appreciation of ballet. Emphasis on developing strength, flexibility, and control in classical balletic style. May be repeated once for credit. Pre: DNCE 160 or instructor’s consent.

DNCE 280  Jazz Dance II (3) A continuation of Jazz Dance I. May be repeated once for credit. Pre: DNCE 180 or instructor’s consent.

DNCE 290  Modern Dance II (3) Second level Modern Dance. Designed to develop physical flexibility, body control, and a more acute rhythmic sense. May be repeated once for credit. Pre: DNCE 190 or instructor’s consent.

DNCE 360  Ballet III (3) This course will emphasize intermediate ballet techniques for the dancer with previous training. It will begin the study of pointe work for qualified females and jumps and turns specifically for males. May be repeated once for credit. Pre: DNCE 160, DNCE 260, or instructor's consent.

DNCE 371  Choreography (3) An introduction to the basic techniques of creating dance. Public performance required. May be repeated once for credit. Pre: DNCE 180 or DNCE 190, or instructor's consent.

DNCE 401  Dance Ensemble (3) Preparation and performance of techniques and repertoire at the advanced level. Public performance required. May be repeated for credit. Pre: audition.

DNCE 419  Dance In Education (3) Dance activities for young people. Appropriate for teachers, group workers, recreation majors, and others working with children. Supervised field activities. Pre: Performing Arts core courses, upper division standing, or instructor's consent. (GenEd/IntReq: GCC)

DNCE 450  History of Dance (3) Development of Western theatrical dance from Ancient Greece through 19th century ballet to the present, including modern dance, contemporary ballet, and dance forms of musical theater and film. Pre: Performing Arts Core, upper division standing or instructor’s consent.

DNCE 460  Ballet IV (3) Intermediate/advanced ballet technique with the continuation of pointe work for qualified females. Introduction to classical partnering work. May be repeated once for credit. Pre: DNCE 360 and audition.

DNCE x94 Special Topics in Subject Matter (Arr.) (IO) Special topics chosen by the instructor. Course content will vary. May be repeated for credit, provided that a different topic is studied. Additional requirements may apply depending on subject and topic.

DNCE x99 Directed Studies (Arr.) (IO) Statement of planned reading or research required. Pre: instructor’s consent.

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