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CHUS 500  Master's Plan Studies (1) Used for continuous enrollment purposes. Must be taken as CR/NC. Does not count toward fulfillment of degree requirements. Pre: Master's or Doctoral candidacy and instructor's consent.

CHUS 600  Approaches & Perceptns: Unders (3) Critical analysis of issues and problems in American studies of China and Chinese perceptions of America. Historical and comparative survey of traditional Chinese culture and American civilization.

CHUS 610  Probs & Iss of Contemp China (3) Multidisciplinary examination of problems and issues affecting lives and institutions of contemporary China: economic development, population growth, urbanization, political and social change.

CHUS 621  Seminar in Chinese Philosophy (3) Examines major philosophical ideas in the development of Chinese culture from the modern and the post-modern perspectives, and studies their impact upon the life of peoples in the Pacific and the U.S.

CHUS 622  Chinese Religions and the West (3) Exploration of the ways Chinese religious/philosophical traditions have influenced/been influenced by Western religious, philosophical, and scientific thought. Emphasis on traditions of Confucianism and Taoism, with some attention to Buddhism.

CHUS 623  Chinese Immigrants in U.S. (3) Examines the experience of Chinese immigrants in North America. Studies the formation of Chinese immigrant communities and basic processes of ethnic self-identification.

CHUS 624  Ethnography of Modern China (3) An attempt to understand the culture of China by reference to ethnographic description of the everyday lives of average Chinese in rural settings. Kinship and family, religious belief and practice, agriculture and economic adaptation, and community relations, in historical context. Emphasis on the lives of peasants in the ethnographic present, with attention to regional variability.

CHUS 630  Compar Iss in Business Ethics (3) This course will explore differences and similarities between Eastern and Western approaches to ethical decision-making, particularly with regard to improving governance of relationships between business, government, and civil society. Special emphasis will be placed on the compatibility of Eastern holistic moral philosophies with system-based management concepts and practices such as sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, global corporate citizenship, multi-stakeholder dialogue, social and environmental auditing, and triple bottom line accountability.

CHUS 640  Chnse & US Economies: Comparat (3) An economic analysis of the Taiwanese, the P.R.C. and the U.S. economies. The economic analysis is supplemented by utilizing a historical, comparative and interdisciplinary approach.

CHUS 641  Seminar US-China Environmtl Is (3) U.S. and Chinese environmental attitudes and policies in comparative context. Comparative domestic policies over a wide range of environmental issues and bilateral cooperation and conflict in international environmental affairs. Pre: GEOG 326 or graduate standing.

CHUS 643  Adv Study Contemp Chns Politic (3) Examines contemporary Chinese political issues and problems in the post-Deng transitional period for China. Focus will be on informal-elite politics, institutional development, erosion of ideology, military role, central-provincial tension, and regionalism. May be repeated once for credit. Pre: POLS 351.

CHUS 650  Intercult Comm: China and US (3) This course provides an overview of major theories of intercultural communication between the Chinese and U.S. Americans and engages in theory-based comparisons of culture and communication in Chinese and U.S. societies.

CHUS 661  Comparatve Poli Econ: US & Gre (3) The political economy of the U.S., Peoples Republic of China (P.R.C.), Hong Kong and Taiwan. Emphasis will be on U.S. and Greater China economic relations and the effect of the political relations on international trade of these two countries.

CHUS 670  Chinese & Chinese Lit Amer (3) This course will evaluate and analyze the image of the Chinese in America, especially in literary and film representation. The class will begin with images from the turn of the 19th century (i.e. posters, cartoons, advertisements) and such works as Harte and Twain's play "Ah Sin." We will then move on to how Chinese American writers themselves engaged in portraying their own culture and people here in the United States, including novels about immigration and Chinatown.

CHUS 680  Chinese Culture Study Tour (3) A living experience and an academic study of Chinese thought and culture inside and outside China.

CHUS 695  Seminar Comparatve Study C&US (3) Comparative study of Chinese and American cultures employing perspectives arising out of two basic core courses. Focus may be on past or current events, ancient or modern texts, or some other phenomena.

CHUS 700  Thesis Research (1-6) Graduate level thesis research, theoretical development, and writing. Students may register for 1 to 6 credit hours per semester for a maximum of 6 credits for M.A. Plan A. Pre: instructor's consent, thesis committee, and program chair; completion of "Thesis Form for Master's Degree".

CHUS x94 Special Topics in Subject Matter (Arr.) (IO) Special topics chosen by the instructor. Course content will vary. May be repeated for credit, provided that a different topic is studied. Additional requirements may apply depending on subject and topic.

CHUS x99 Directed Studies (Arr.) (IO) Statement of planned reading or research required. Pre: instructor’s consent.