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E-Commerce Technology and Business Certificate

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21 semester hours

The Certificate in E-Commerce Technology and Business offers a unique combination of computer science and business courses. The intent is to produce highly-skilled workers who have both a strong technical foundation in Internet site development and management, and an understanding of how businesses must plan their structures and strategies to compete successfully in the world of E-Commerce.

Required courses:

  • CS 101 Digital Tools for the Information World (3)
  • CS 200 Web Technology I (3)
  • CS 201 Web Technology II (3)
  • CS 300 Web Site Management (3)
  • MGT 341 Project Management (3)*
  • MKT 313 Promotional Strategy (3)*
  • QBA 365 Managing Electronic Commerce (3)*

* Non-business majors need permission of instructor to register

Students must complete ENG 100 and MATH 104 or the equivalent with a grade of “C” or better in each course before applying for admission to the certificate program.