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B.A. in Economics Requirements

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Group 1. General Education Basic, Area, and Integrative Requirements

Students may choose to graduate under the General Education Basic, Area, and Integrative requirements and graduation requirements in force at the time they entered the UH System, when they entered UH Hilo, or when they graduate, provided there is no break in enrollment lasting longer than one semester.

Students should meet with their academic advisor to ensure that they enroll in courses that will enable them to meet these requirements as well as requirements for the major and for graduation. Some courses may meet both General Education requirements and major requirements.

The new GE basic, core, and integrative requirements and lists of certified courses are posted at

Group 2. Major Requirements

  1. MATH 121 Introduction to Statistics and Probability (3) or QBA 260 Business Statistics
  2. MATH 115 Applied Calculus (3) or MATH 205 Calculus I
  3. ECON 130 Introduction to Microeconomics
  4. ECON 131 Introduction to Macroeconomics
  5. ECON 300 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
  6. ECON 301 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (3) or ECON 302 Managerial Economics
  7. ECON 305 The History of Economic Thought (3)
  8. And one of the following three tracks:
    • (i) The Sustainable Development Track:

      • ECON 310 Economic Development
      • ECON 380 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
      • ECON 390 Econometrics
      • And 6 semester hours in upper-division Economics courses.
(ii) The International Track:

      • ECON 360 (3) International Trade and Welfare

      • ECON 361 (3) International Finance

      • ECON 416 (3) Asia-Pacific Economic Integration

      • And 6 semester hours in upper-division Economics courses.
    • (iii) QuantitativeTrack
      • MATH 206 ( 3) Calculus II

      • MATH 311 ( 3) Linear Algebra

      • ECON 390 (3) Econometrics

      • And 6 semester hours in upper-division Economics courses.

Minimum Total Semester Credits for B.A. in Economics

120 Semester Credits


In order to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, students must not only fulfill the requirements above for the major but also meet all of the University’s other baccalaureate degree requirements. (Please see the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements in this Catalog.) Students wishing to make timely progress toward graduation are urged to pay careful attention to all degree requirements. In addition, when planning a schedule of courses, it is imperative to be aware of course prerequisites and the frequency with which courses are offered, information that is available in the course listings in this Catalog. To ensure progress toward graduation, students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor each semester before registering.