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Average Graduation and Persistence Rates

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The University regularly reports its graduation and persistence rates for student cohorts six years after entry. UH Hilo’s graduation rate for the most recent Fall cohort of first-time, full-time freshmen (2006) is 39%. The University of HawaiĘ»i system defines “persistence rate” as the percentage of students who have either graduated or are still enrolled at a campus six years after entry. UH Hilo’s average success rate is 35% for the 2001-2006 cohorts.

This information is provided for the Student Right-to-Know Act, Public Law 101-542. It provides a partial description of the graduation and enrollment patterns of students and describes averages for groups of students. It should not be used to infer or predict individual behavior.

Current information on retention and graduation is posted at the Office of the Registrar webpage:

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