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ART 101  Intro To Visual Arts (3) Slide/lecture course and introduction to the visual arts in their various forms and expressions.

ART 109  Intro To Drawing & Painting (3) Studio experiences for non-majors. Emphasis on formal concepts in drawing and painting. The course incorporates various drawing and painting media into exercises, projects, and lectures to develop personal expression.

ART 121  FP Studio: Beg Drawing (3) Foundation Program Studio. Basic drawing concepts with studio investigations into line, shape, form, light and value, and space. Explorations of principles of visual organization and basic drawing media of pencil, charcoal, crayon, pen and ink, and brush and ink. Discussion of perceptual relationships of light and space.

ART 122  FP Studio: Beginning Painting (3) Foundation Program Studio. Introduction to painting; exploration of color theory and its applications; and investigation of perceptual relationships of light, color, and space. Studio exploration of the principles of visual organization through applications of color concepts and fundamental materials and techniques of painting. Pre: ART 121.

ART 123  FP Studio: 2-D Design (3) Foundation Program Studio. Investigations of two-dimensional design concepts and the elements and principles of visual organization. Inquiry into perceptual and visual relationships of design principles. Discussion of relationships of visual elements and time and space.

ART 124  FP Studio: 3-D Design (3) Foundation Program Studio. Investigation of the principles and elements of design in three-dimensional concepts. Tactile exploration of forms, environments, and expressions. Explorations into perceptual relationships of time, light, and space in three-dimensional visualizations.

ART 175  Survey of World Art I (3) A survey of world art from prehistoric times in Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands and the Americas up to approximately 1500 C.E. A study of the inter-related in- fluences and exchanges in art creation and visual communication between various world cultures.

ART 176  Survey of World Art II (3) A survey of world art from approximately 1500 C.E. to the present time. A study of the inter-related influences and exchanges in art creation and visual communication between various world cultures.

ART 215  Printmaking: Intaglio (3) Basic intaglio techniques of etching, engraving, drypoint, and aqua-tint; perceptual and conceptual exercises in composition and pictorial structure. Pre: ART 121, 123.

ART 216  Printmaking: Lithography (3) Basic lithographic techniques; development of concepts. Pre: ART 215.

ART 221  Intermediate Drawing (3) Life drawing and study of the human figure; studio drawing concepts and application of drawing materials. Explorations of anatomy, gesture, contour, form, light, and space in relation to figure studies. Pre: ART 121. Repeatable for a total of 9 semester hours.

ART 222  Intermediate Painting (3) Intermediate painting studio. Development and explorations of painting materials and concepts and the visual relationships of subject matter, content, and composition. Pre: ART 121, 122.

ART 270  Aspects Of Western Art (3) The development of western art and architecture, with emphasis on the impact of Christian traditions on the arts of classical Greece and imperial Rome; modes of artistic expression after the American and French Revolutions.

ART 280  Aspects Of Asian Art (3) The history of form and content in various Asian cultures, with emphasis on the art and architecture of India and southeast Asia, and the expansion of Buddhist arts to China and Japan. (GenEd/IntReq: H/A/P, HPP)

ART 300  Intermed Studio Seminar (3) Studio explorations in a variety of media including mixed media. Presentations, critiques, and assigned readings for the purpose of comparative study and discussion. Pre: Foundation Program Studios (ART 121, 122, 123, 124) and completion of two semesters of 200-level art studios. May be retaken for a total of 9 credits.

ART 308  Creative Digital Photography (3) This course is designed to develop and expand ideas about photographic representation by expanding students' range of interests and uses of the medium. Both digital imaging techniques and silver-based materials are explored with an eye toward expansion and experimentation. Projects include invented persona writing, pinhole pictures, the body and expressive gesture, cross-media appropriation, and an independent project. May be repeated for up to 9 credits. Pre: ART 123.

ART 315  Adv Printmkg: Intaglio (3) Advanced intaglio techniques involving more complex development of individual projects. Pre: ART 215. Repeatable for a total of 9 semester hours.

ART 316  Adv Printmaking Seminar (3) Advanced Studio practice in independent projects. Pre: ART 216 or 315. Repeatable for a total of 9 semester hours.

ART 317  Cyanotype (3) Studio study of the cyanotype, an early 19th century light- sensitive photo process used to create fine art prints. Studio work will include similarly related processes, such as chrysotype, gum dichromate and kallitype. Pre: Foundation program studios (Art 121, 122, 123, 124) and completion of 2 semesters of 200-level art studios. Repeatable for a total of 9 semester hours.

ART 320  Art of Ancient Civilizations (3) Exploration of the arts of ancient world civilizations with an emphasis on Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, Bronze Age China, Ancient Greece, Rome and Persia. Also includes comparisons with Mayan, Aztec and ancient cultures of Africa. Pre: junior or senior standing or instructor's consent.

ART 321  Advanced Drawing (3) Studio practice of advanced and individual problems in drawing. Pre: ART 221. Repeatable for a total of 9 semester hours.

ART 322  Advanced Painting (3) Studio practice of advanced and individual problems in painting. Pre: ART 221, 222. Repeatable for a total of 9 semester hours.

ART 360  Renaissance and Baroque Art (3) The historical development of European art, beginning with the transition from the late Middle Ages, and concluding with the transition into the Neoclassical period; features the motivating religious, philosophical and aesthetic values. Pre: junior or senior standing, or instructor's consent.

ART 370  Modern Art Seminar (3) The study of visual arts theory based upon the movements in mainstream art from the late 19th through the 20th century in Europe and America. Pre: ART 270 or instructor’s consent.

ART 374  Art of the 19th Century (3) An in-depth study of the art of the nineteeth century in Europe from NeoClassicism to PostImpressionism. The focus of the course will be on France and Western Europe, but some time will be spent comparing the art of other countries and discussing their influences on Western European art. Geographic, philosophical, religious and political influences on the arts of the times will be explored.

ART 375  Christianity & The Arts (3) Relationships of the arts to Christian beliefs and ritual from early Christian era to the present; role of the artist, church, and patron. Pre: junior or senior standing, or instructor's consent.

ART 380  Art Of China (3) Chinese art from the Neolithic period to the Qing Dynasty, with emphasis on the Song and later periods. Pre: ART 280 or instructor's consent. (GenEd/IntReq: H/A/P)

ART 381  Art Of Japan (3) The history of art in Japan with emphasis on Buddhist art, the relationships between Chinese and Japanese arts. Pre: ART 280 or JPST course or instructor's consent. (Same as JPST 381). (GenEd/IntReq: H/A/P)

ART 385  Religious Arts Of East Asia (3) Interrelationships of the arts and religion in various Asian cultures, with emphasis on Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Shinto. Pre: junior or senior standing, or instructor's consent. (GenEd/IntReq: H/A/P)

ART 390  Seminar Contemporary Art (3) Focuses on the issues raised by contemporary art and traces historical/aesthetic developments from the beginning of the Modern period to the present. Assigned readings and lecture/discussion. Pre: ART 270, 280 or instructor's consent.

ART 392  History of Art and Technology (3) An analytical study of the history of the international art and technology movement from the early 1950's to today. The content of the course includes avant-garde experimen- tation with technology leading to digital exploration in the arts, the cross-over between art and science in the late 20th century, and changes in the conceptual development of the 21st century. Pre: ART 270 or 176.

ART x94 Special Topics in Subject Matter (Arr.) (IO) Special topics chosen by the instructor. Course content will vary. May be repeated for credit, provided that a different topic is studied. Additional requirements may apply depending on subject and topic.

ART x99 Directed Studies (Arr.) (IO) Statement of planned reading or research required. Pre: instructor’s consent.

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