Admission of First-Time Freshmen

Students applying for admission directly from high school as freshmen are advised to submit scores of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT), high school transcripts or the General Education Development high school equivalency records, and recommendations from school officials.

Admission from high school requires the following:

  • 3.0 academic GPA in 17 units to include 4 English, 3 Math (including Algebra II), 3 Science and 7 college-prep electives (including social studies, language, and additional math and science)
  • SAT or ACT scores are required but will not be used unless the academic GPA is less than 3.0
  • GPA below 3.0 considered on a sliding scale with test scores

Applicants denied admission may reapply as transfer students after satisfactorily completing 24 semester hours of transferable courses at another regionally accredited college or university.