Library Lanai Reservation and Use Policy

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The regulations listed below represent only a portion of the complete policy. For the complete Campus Center (CC) use policy please consult the Facilities Use Practices & Procedures of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.


  1. University of Hawai'i at Hilo, Hawai'i Community College and other UH-affiliated student CSOs or RISOs, and faculty/staff/administrative groups, departments and programs may reserve the Edwin H. Mookini Library Lanai (Library Lanai) for campus activities on a first-come, first-served basis. Membership in an organization by a member of the University community does not constitute University affiliation.   Requests for personal use are not allowed.  Direct questions about UH affiliation to the Campus Center Director,
  2. Use of the Library Lanai is only open to University-affiliated groups.
  3.  After agreeing to these regulations, the next step will take you to the online reservation form to request the Library Lanai.  Until an email confirmation is sent by the Campus Center to you, the request is not final.   Seven working days lead time is required for all reservations.  Please do not publicize your event’s location until receiving confirmation of your reservation.
  4. It is critical that you stipulate whether you are seeking a “full” or “partial” reservation.  A “full” reservation means no other group may use the Library Lanai during your reservation. A “partial” reservation means that others may share the use.  If you have questions about which designation to use, please call us at 932-7365 so we may assist you.
  5.  A confirmed reservation must be officially canceled 24 hours in advance. If the reservation is during non-regular hours, it must be cancelled 48 hours in advance.  Non-cancellation may result in service fees and/or may cause suspension of scheduling privileges for a month.

Cancellation must be received 10 business days in advance of the event. If payment is not received within 5 days of the event, any deposit will be forfeited. Late cancellation or failure to show may affect future use. To cancel your reservation, email with the control number. You will be sent an email confirming your cancellation.

Food Service

Food or refreshments must be arranged through Sodexo, the current UH Hilo food service contractor.  Outside food and/or beverages are not allowed without a prior signed waiver from Sodexo.  A link to the food waiver form is part of the reservation page.

Physical Setup

  1. Plans for decorations must be approved by the Mookini Library Administration 48 hours in advance.
  2. Changes in the physical setup of the Lanai must be submitted to the Campus Center no later than two days prior to the event.
  3. The requesting organization or individual is responsible for any and all damages to the facility.
  4. Furnishings and equipment of the Library may not be used.
  5. There shall be no attachment of materials on any surface of the building except on designated bulletin boards. No tape or mounting sign on Library windows or frames.
  6. Entry to the Library must not be blocked.
  7. No table or activity can take place 12 feet from the Library's Main Entrance.
  8. The Mookini Library does not provide tables and chairs. Some items are available for use on the Lanai on a first-come first-serve bases. Organizations may have to rent tables and chairs for their events at their own expense. The Library is not accountable for damages or theft of rented tables and chairs.

A/V and Media Equipment

No music or amplified sound is allowed on the library lanai. This includes television presentations.

Conduct and Responsibility

  1. Your group must restore the Library Lanai to condition prior to use.
  2. Groups reserving the Plaza are responsible for the behavior of their members and guests.
  3. Children under 12 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult who will assume responsibility for their safety, welfare and behavior.
  4. Groups will abide by all statutes, ordinances and policies of the State, County, University and Campus Center.  Failure to observe such statutes, ordinances, and policies may result in the forfeiture of any deposit and/or suspension of facility use privileges.
  5. Motorized vehicles, skateboards, rollerskates and other similar devices are prohibited on the ramps leading to and from the Library Lanai and on the Lanai itself. Bicycles are to be placed in the racks provided and are not allowed in the building.
  6. Only service dogs as defined in the campus’ policy are allowed in the Campus Center.
  7. Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas, including the bathrooms, and within 20 feet of entrances/exits, air intake ducts and vents.  For more information see:
  8. The use of noxious chemicals, combustibles and cooking equipment, except by authorized personnel in a designated area, is not allowed. Prior approval by Mookini Library administration and/or the CC Director is required for such use.


The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo is not responsible for personal injury incurred by users or participants or lost/damaged articles of individuals and/or organizations using the Library Lanai.  Items found in the Lanai area are taken to Campus Center room 210.

On-Campus Parking

During the academic year, parking at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo is $3.00 per day if the facility user does not have a valid UH Hilo parking permit.


The user is responsible for addressing any questions regarding these regulations to the Campus Center Director,, prior to submitting your reservation.  Checking the “I agree” box below indicates you will abide by all regulations of the Campus Center.  Mahalo for your cooperation! 


Mahalo for your cooperation.