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Campus CenterRegistered Independent Student Organizations (RISO)

RISO Registration Packet Forms-2017-2018 SY

We are currently updating our RISO website. If you have any questions please email Maile Boggeln at uhhriso@hawaii.edu for the new registration application and any other important RISO documents. Mahalo for your patience.

Constitution and By-Laws

Every RISO must submit a Constitution and By-Laws before they can be approved. A sample Constitution and By-Laws (PDF) was created to make the registration process easier, we suggest that you use this sample as a guide by customizing it to fit your needs.

RISO Authorized Representitive Change Form

Should any of the six (6) members, Advisor, or contact infoamtion ( email, telephone, adress) change during the academic year your RISO must notify Maile Boggeln, Interim Campus and Communty Service Coordinator, with in 10 working days of the change by filling out and returning the RISO Authorized Representative Form.

If your members are changing, you will need to get the signature of the outgoing member as acknowledgement that they are leaving the postion or your organization must submit approved minutes from a meeting in which the member was voted out. Additonally, the new member taking office must also sign the form.

Risk and Release Form

This form may be used for activities and events. The form allows participants to assume all the risks and responsibilities surrounding their participation in the activity. See the Sample Risk and Release Form (PDF).

Organizational UH Username Request Form

If you want to have a club email address with the @hawaii.edu domain, you should submit an organizational username request form.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (also known as the Buckley Amendment), affords current students certain rights with respect to their education records. Officers must submit a FERPA release form (PDF). For more information go to the UH Hilo FERPA website.