2015 - 2016 RISO List & Announcements

RISO Contact List

The following list is for you to collaborate with one another on your events. Please do not use this list as a listserve.

Approved RISO List 10.2.15

RISO Announcements

This page is used for RISO's to announce upcoming meetings, events, or accomplishments. If you'd like to announce on this page, please email your information to smahoe@hawaii.edu. Mahalo

Booth Information for Filipino American Heritage Month 2015

Idecide Hawaii

This is another opportunity for your RISOs to earn up to $1,000! Undergraduate students can pledgeONE time to ONE specific UH Hilo RISO. Top 3 RISOs with the mostpledgesbyOctober 4thwin:$1,000 (1st), $750 (2nd), and $500 (3rd).


2)PLEDGE:tobe an organ donoron your next driver's license/renewal(both persons who are AND those who are not currently a donor on license canpledge)

3) DESIGNATE: yourpledgeto an RISO of your choice (you don't have to be a member of that RISO)

Some of the organizations have already gotten a jump start on this. See the leaderboard to see how your organization is doing:http://idecidehawaii.org/enter-a-contest/current-contests/