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Campus CenterRegistered Independent Student Organizations (RISO)

Registered Independent Student Organizations (RISO)

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What is a RISO?

A RISO is defined as: any group of six or more students currently enrolled at UH Hilo wishing to pursue a common educational, civic, social, cultural or recreational interest may become a RISO by completing the registration application and submitting the required documents.

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo welcomes a variety of different registered independent student organizations. We have great diversity at our campus, as such we have a variety of different RISOs with different interests and goals. We invite you to take a moment to browse the different clubs and find others with similar interests.

How do I start a RISO?

Any student interested in forming or registering a RISO should:

  1. Read the full text of the RISO Handbook and complete the annual RISO registration forms.
  2. First time RISOs need to write a Constitution and By-Laws. If assistance is needed to write or revise a constitution, contact us.
  3. Return the completed RISO Registration Form, Advisor agreement Form and any other RISO documents to Campus Center room 312.
  4. After the registration has been approved, the RISO’s president and advisor will receive confirmation. If there are any questions, your group will be contacted on what needs to be done to complete the registration process.
  5. For final approval, the RISO President and Advisor must attend an Orientation training and Funding training.

RISO registration 2017-2018 Forms & Handbook

We are currently updating our RISO website. If you have any questions please email Maile Boggeln at uhhriso@hawaii.edu for the new registration application and any other important RISO documents. Mahalo for your patience.

  • Please read the RISO Handbook prior to filling out the RISO application
  • FERPA Form (PDF) all officers need fill out the FERPA form so that eleibility checks can be made

What can I do to get funding for my club?

We encourage students to get involved with the local community by means of fundraising, and requesting support from local businesses. Requests for help with event planning and funding can also be submitted to different campus student organizations. On campus fundraising can be easy if done right! There are many different ways of fundraising.


Please mark your calendar down for our upcoming R.I.S.O. training workshops being offered. If you are planning to register a club or organization for the 2017-2018 school year, Presidents must attend one of the orientation dates. If you might be requesting CSO funding, Presidents & Treasurers will need to attend the funding workshop too. CSO Funding Packets will be updated every school year. Please delete old copies of the packet. Also there will be multiple packets for RISO's vs. Department/Program. Please stay tuned for updates.

UH Hilo App that you can download from your app store. As a registered RISO you'll have admin rights to control your club/organization's page1. More information will be given out at the orientation workshop. We can't wait to meet you all!

Are you interested in using Campus facilities and resources? Please make sure you are a registered RISO prior to making your reservation.

  1. Admin rights will be given to club emails not students or personal emails. ↩︎