Welcome to the UH Hilo Campus Center!

Performance at the FLOW

Events & Announcements

Cupcake BarMon, 10/2010aCampus Center plaza
Plaza Market MondayMon, 10/2010a
Pink Out!Tue, 10/2110aCampus Center Plaza
Cupcake BarTue, 10/2110aCampus Center plaza
Rock the Vote Glow DanceWed, 10/227pCampus Center Plaza
Family FridaysFri, 10/247pCampus Center plaza
19th Annual UH Hilo Make A Difference DaySat, 10/258aLibrary Lānai
Midterm Energy BoostMon, 10/2710aCampus Center Plaza
Annual Food FestivalThu, 10/3011aCampus Center Plaza
Halloween dance with the Swing Club and ACAFri, 10/315pCampus Center 306

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