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UH Hilo Researchers Provide Aerial Imagery of Puna Lava Flow to Emergency Responders

Researchers at UH Hilo

UH Hilo researchers successfully mapped the active flow front of the June 27, 2014 Kilauea lava flow on Hawai‘i Island with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). In a collaborative partnership with Hawai‘i County Civil Defense and the U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, the flight team from the UH Hilo Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization (SDAV) Laboratory used a Sensefly SwingletCAM with a visible camera to collect high resolution stills later merged into a mosaic for use by Civil Defense emergency planners.

The UH Hilo flight team includes Ryan Perroy, assistant professor of geography and environmental science, Nicolas Turner, SDAV cyber computer programming analyst, and Arthur Cunningham, consultant for aeronautical science.

“The lava flow has already impacted the lives of many residents in Puna,” said Perroy. “Our UAV support can provide quick and accurate information to emergency responders.”

The team closely monitored the flight performance of the UAV aircraft as it travelled over the lava and noted minor turbulence as it crossed the thermally dynamic environment. A County helicopter provided support with an air observer on board from the UAV team during flight operations.

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office of the Federal Aviation Administration worked closely with the Hilo research team on approval of their Certificate of Authorization. The fights are in direct support of disaster relief operations in the area and the FAA and flight team worked together to make sure all safety concerns were met.

The lava flow is headed toward the town of Pahoa in the district of Puna, threatening to cut off the main highway and other access roads, thus isolating an area of about 10,000 residents from the rest of the island.

The researchers plan to fly again and continue supporting relief operations with quick aerial assessments when needed. Sensefly representatives are closely monitoring and supporting the team’s mapping relief effort and are at-the-ready with additional equipment should it be needed.

Source: Ka Lono Hanakahi Newsletter, November 2014


New Home for College of Hawaiian Language

team poliahu

Hale`ōlelo, is the new home of the University of Hawai`i at Hilo’s Ka Haka `Ula O Ke`elikōlani College of Hawaiian Language.

“The faculty and staff of Ka Haka `Ula O Ke`elikōlani has worked long and hard to establish the College as a leader in indigenous language and cultural revitalization,” said Chancellor Don Straney. “At long last, they have a permanent home in a facility that is worthy of the quality programs that have earned them international recognition.”

The $21 million complex on Nowelo Street features spectacular landscape, mountain and ocean views and designs that reflect native Hawaiian culture and Hawaiʻi Island’s natural resources that tie together the naming of the College and the building where it resides.

“The high roof design was inspired by the pili grass thatched home of Princess Ruth Ke`elikōlani, for whom the building of the College is named,” explained Dr. Larry Kimura, assistant professor, Ka Haka `Ula O Ke`elikōlani. “Her home, on the grounds of Hulihe`e Palace in Kailua-Kona, was known as Hale`ōlelo, or House of Language, which now becomes the home for the College of Hawaiian Language.”

In addition to being a cultural and architectural landmark, the two-story complex is also a highly functional facility, spanning 36,760 square feet. Among its key features is a Performing Arts Auditorium that can be sub-divided. Special-use rooms include a library, curriculum and media resource room, tutorial, archive and telecom conference rooms, a computer lab, student and faculty meeting rooms, and 30 offices.

More importantly, Hale`ōlelo consolidates most of the College’s programs and operations formerly scattered throughout the campus while providing needed infrastructure to address the needs brought about by its growth and development. Since achieving collegiate status in 1997, it has experienced a surge in enrollment while introducing new degrees that produced UH Hilo’s first Master’s and Ph.D. recipients.

“It’s been a long time coming, but the wait has been worth it,” noted Keiki Kawai`ae`a, director, Ka Haka `Ula O Ke`elikōlani “This facility addresses many of our growing pains, and will enable expansion of our graduate and undergraduate programs in increasingly impactful ways for our State. We want to thank everyone throughout the community who supported this initiative and made it a reality.”


Get an inside peek of the building: Hale`ōlelo video.

Source: UH Hilo News Release

ALEX Mentorship Program

Photo with College of Business and Economics Dean, Hank Hennessey left and Eileen Liu rightThe ALEX Mentorship program is actively recruiting mentors and mentees (students) who will be matched based on their professional and personal interests. This of course includes faculty and staff members at UH Hilo, who through mentoring can not only provide valuable insights into their respective career fields, but also realize the sense of fulfillment that comes along with serving as a mentor to an undergraduate student. Please submit your application to the ALEX Mentorship Program today!



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