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About UH Hilo Upward Bound

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Q1: What is Upward Bound?

Upward Bound is a federally funded program that prepares high school students to enter and succeed in college. Throughout the Academic Year, students receive instruction and encouragement to develop their academic and personal skills. Students also receive help developing their college and career plans and participate in exciting cultural activities and experiences.  During the Summer, invited students participate in our Summer Academy Program where they live and learn on the University of Hawaii at Hilo Campus for five to six weeks.

Q2: Who is eligible to participate?

Student must:

AND ONE or BOTH of the following:

Upward Bound also serves middle schools with an 8th and/ or 9th grade that will send students to one of the high schools we serve, following completion of either the 8th grade or 9th grade.

*Please see your school counselors to obtain an Upward Bound Application

Q3: Which High Schools do we serve?

Q4: Admissions Process: How do I become a UB student?

Step 1: Complete the Upward Bound Application (see your school counselor) and turn it in to your school counselor or mail it in to the Upward Bound Office.

Step 2: If the student meets eligibility requirements, an invitation will be sent to the student and their parent to attend an Information Session. Both the student and a Parent must attend the Information Session. At the conclusion of the Information Session if the student is interested in joining Upward Bound, he/she will be given the Full Application.

Step 3: Once all the required documents are completely submitted, the student’s participation and performance will be monitored during the 60-day provisional period. If the student successfully completes the 60-day provisional period he/she will be awarded permanent admission into the Program with increased opportunities (ie. off-island events, etc.)


Q5: When does the enrollment period begin and end?

Upward Bound accepts applications throughout the Academic Year, and admits applicants as openings occur.  Applications and all required documents must be received by the end of March to be given consideration for the Summer Academy Program.

Q6: How are students selected?

Students are selected based on academic need, motivation to pursue a bachelor degree, and willingness to commit to a challenging college preparatory program.

Q7: When are new program participants required to begin?

Students can be admitted through the academic year.  Summer Academy students must begin the first day of summer class (usually in June) and must attend through July.

Q8: What if an acceptance letter was not received?

Every applicant will receive either an “acceptance letter,” a “non-acceptance letter” or a letter stating the student is on a waiting list. However, we have no control over the postal service, so if you don't hear from us... don't hesitate to call our office.

Q9: What are the program’s expectations of participating students?

Q10: What can my student expect from Upward Bound?

During the Academic Year, students are provided:

During the Summer, students participate in:

Q11: What does it cost?

It's FREE!

If eligible, only your commitment is required. The program, including the summer program room and board, is offered at no cost!

Q12: How do I apply?

Please ensure that you qualify by filling out the Upward Bound Application (see your school counselors), and returning it to our office as soon as possible.