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NHERC offers free test proctoring for students enrolled in courses at any campus within the UH system (including community colleges). NHERC staff can also proctor students who need out of system tests proctored for a $25 per hour fee. Students can also take the COMPASS Math Placement Exam and the Writing Placement Exam at NHERC.

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COMPASS Math Placement Exam

Students who want to take MATH 103, 104, 104F, 104G, 115, or 205 must either satisfy the course prerequisite (listed in the catalog) or take the COMPASS Math Placement Exam. The math placement exam is not required to register for MATH 100, 107, 108, or 121.

Please call or email NHERC to setup a COMPASS Math Placement proctoring appointment.

Visit the Kilohana Math Placement Exam website for more information about test results and test preparation.

Writing Placement Exam

The Writing Placement Exam is an essay exam that determines what level writing course you should be assigned to. You will have two hours to compose an essay in response to a question. The time frame allows you to make full use of the writing strategies you have learned.

For more information on the Writing Placement Exam please visit this site:


Proctoring Schedule:

Thursdays and Fridays from 9am-4pm. All proctoring appointments must be made at least 2 days in advance.

Scheduling an Appointment

Please fill out the required form below and return in to NHERC. To schedule a proctoring appointment, please call NHERC at (808) 775-8890 or email nherc@hawaii.edu.

UH System Test Proctoring Request Form

Non-UH System Test Proctoring Request Form