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Analeialoha Stone attending Math 100 at NHERC.

NHERC offers UH Hilo credit courses for undergraduate students who are both classified and unclassified students. Hawai'i Community College students, high school juniors and seniors, and community members are also welcome to take NHERC credit courses. All NHERC courses are regular UH Hilo courses that are offered off-site in Honokaʻa or Waimea.

Applying for UH Hilo Credit Courses - College in Honokaʻa

Students interested in becoming a regular UH Hilo college student in Honoka'a should apply through the regular UH Hilo admissions process- please refer to the Admissions website and follow the instructions to apply. The application deadline for students who wish to be classified for the fall 2015 semester is July 1, 2015.

Hawaiʻi Community College students and community members who would like to enroll in classes must fill out and submit a UH Hilo application to become an unclassified student. High school students wishing to enroll in courses should check out our Running Start webpage.

Registering for NHERC College Credit Courses

All students register for NHERC courses through their MyUH account, but must first contact NHERC to be coded as a North Hawaiʻi student. Once a student has been coded, they will be able to register for NHERC courses in future semesters without contacting NHERC.

Hawaiʻi Community College students and community members can register for NHERC classes but must be coded after their unclassified application has been processed by Admissions.

To become coded as a North Hawaiʻi student and register for our courses for the first time, please call NHERC directly at (808) 775-8890 or e-mail nherc@hawaii.edu.

Spring 2015 College Credit Classes

  • Astronomy 110 General Astronomy CRN 13174 - A survey of modern astronomy intended for non-science majors: the structure and evolution of the solar system, stars, stellar system, and the Universe. Intructor: Alison English. Tuesdays 3-5:15pm @ NHERC in Honoka'a
  • Astronomy 110 General Astronomy Lab CRN 13175 - Demonstration of astronomical principles through laboratory observation and analysis of astronomical data. Instructor Alison English. Thursdays 3-4:45 @ NHERC in Honoka'a
  • Computer Science 135 Animation CRN 13176 - A gentle introduction to programming with user-friendly software. Students use story boarding design strategies and create Disney/Pixar-like animation with objects in three-dimensional virtual worlds. These animations promote an understanding of basic programming constructs including, control structures and object-oriented programming. Projects based on Hawaiian and Pacific themes will be emphasized. Open to all students. Instructor: Keith Edwards. Fridays 2:30-5:00pm @ NHERC in Honoka'a
  • English 257 Multicultural Literature CRN 13178 - This course is designed for students who wan to engage literature from various ethnic groups in the US. The course includes historical context regarding the production of these literatures, providing an overview of how these groups have developed their own literary techniques, genres, and canons. Pre: C or better in ENG 100. ENG 100T, ESL 100 or ESL 100T. Instructor: Liam Conway-Nesson. Wednesdays 5-7:30pm @ NHERC in Honoka'a
  • Math 100 Survey of Mathematics CRN 13179 - Survey of Mathematics course is intended primarily for non-science liberal arts majors to satisfy the university's quantitative reasoning requirements. Core topics include mathematical logic and mathematical thinking and problem solving. Additional topics may include number systems, computers, algebra and probability. Instructor: Rachel Baker. Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30-4:45pm @ NHERC in Honoka'a

Fall 2015 College Credit Classes

  • Anthropology 385 – Hawaiian & Pacific Prehistory CRN 14846

    Archaeological overview of the cultures of the Pacific before European contact with an emphasis on Polynesia and Hawai’i.  No prerequisites.  Fulfills general education social science and Hawaiian Pacific perspective requirement.  With Dr. Lynne Wolforth, Thursdays 2:30-5:00pm. 3 UH Hilo credits

    Anthropology 470 – Museology CRN 14794

    Museum training, including museum activities, exhibits, administration, custodial problems and interpretation.  At least one field trip to Lyman House Museum.  Pre: ANTH 100 or 110, or instructor consent.  With Dr. Momi Naughton, Saturdays 10am-1pm.  3 UH Hilo credits

    Art 109 – Introduction to Drawing & Painting CRN 14849

    Studio experiences for non-majors.  Emphasis on formal concepts in drawing and painting.  The course incorporates various drawing and painting media into exercises, projects, and lectures to develop personal expression. Fulfills general education humanities requirement.  With Keith Tallett, Mondays 3-5:30pm.  3 UH Hilo credits 

    Biology 101 – General Biology

    One semester introductory biology course for non-majors.  Fulfills general education natural science requirement.  With Alison English, Tuesdays 5-8:30pm.  3 UH Hilo credits.           

    Business 100 – Introduction to Business CRN 14848               

    A study of business functions, methods of business operation, types of business ownership, and the role of business organizations in contemporary society.  Fulfills general education social science requirements.  With Chelle Pahinui, Tuesdays 2:30-5:00pm. 3 UH Hilo credits

    Communications 270 – Introduction to Theories of Human Communication            

    Examination of theoretical foundations of the human communications discipline.  Coverage of traditional and contemporary theories in such areas as interpersonal, small group, organizational, intercultural, public and mass communication.  Fulfills general education language arts or social science requirements.  3 UH Hilo credits

    History 151 – World History: To 1500 CRN 14847

    A global and historical survey focusing on human societies and cross-cultural interactions to 1500 C.E.  Fulfills general education world cultures and social science requirements.  With Dr. Michael Bitter, Wednesdays 3-5:30pm.  3 UH Hilo credits

For a complete listing of spring 2015 classes and their availability got to Spring 2015 class availability. For fall 2014 classes Fall 2015 class availability for current course. For the complete course descriptions please go the UH Hilo Course Catalog

Paying for UH Hilo NHERC College Credit Classes

Uni 101All courses offered at NHERC are regular UH Hilo courses. Tuition and financial aid remain the same as the main UH Hilo campus. For UH Hilo tuition schedule click here. Students must pay for their tuition and fees through their MyUH portal.

For more information about paying for college at UH Hilo, including tuition costs and financial aid opportunities, please visit the Financial Aid web page.

Students not receiving aid from any other source may be eligible for an NHERC scholarship. Please visit our NHERC Scholarships page for details. Also check out our Scholarship Database for links to outside scholarship opportunities.

Annual Security Report Availability

The University of Hawaii at Hilo's (UH Hilo) Annual Campus Security Report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on-campus, in certain off-campus buildings, property owned or controlled by the University of Hawaii at Hilo, and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as policies concerning sexual assault, and other matters. You can obtain a copy of this report by contact UH Hilo Campus Security, (808) 974-7911, located in Room 104 of the Auxiliary Services Building, or by visiting the Annual Security Report website.