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NHERC is committed to providing access to higher education for our students. We offer scholarship opportunities for both Running Start and undergraduate UH Hilo students who are enrolled in credit courses that are offered at NHERC.

Running Start Scholarships

  • Gear Up Scholarships - Spring scholarship deadline: Friday, April 3, 2015
    • Gear Up Scholarships are available for high school Juniors or Seniors who are enrolled in the Running Start program. Students must demonstrate financial need. The application for Gear Up scholarships is included in the Running Start Application.
  • NHERC Scholarships
    • Due November 1: Please e-mail nherc@hawaii.edu or call NHERC at (808) 775-8890.

Undergraduate Scholarships

  • NHERC Scholarships
    • Due November 1: Please e-mail nherc@hawaii.edu or call NHERC at (808) 775-8890.

Dr. Haruto Okada Memorial Scholarship

  • This fall marks the first semester that NHERC is awarding Dr. Haruto Okada Memorial Scholarships. The intent of these scholarships is to honor and memorialize Dr. Okada and his hometown of Honoka‘a. Many people remember Dr. Okada as having a private hospital in Honoka'a. When he closed it in 1956, he served many Honoka‘a residents while working as a doctor at the Honoka‘a Infirmary.

    The purpose of these scholarships is to provide scholarship assistance to students enrolled in UH Hilo classes offered at NHERC. Students may be full-time or part-time as well as undergraduate or graduate level. Students must demonstrate some degree of financial need. Preference is given to residents of Hamakua and North Hawai‘i.

  • The two fall recipients of the Dr. Haruto Okada Memorial Scholarship are Ka‘iulani Pahi‘o and Lisa McMoyler.

    Kaiulani PahioKaiulani Pahio


    Ka‘iulani Pahi‘o’s family has its roots deep in Waipi‘o Valley.  Ka‘iulani’s grandfather, Joseph Ah Puck Sr., was a taro farmer in the valley.  With his wife Virgilia Makuakane, they raised their children and worked hard to make ends meet.  Pansy Ah Puck, Ka‘iulani’s mother, fell in love with Emilio Lorenzo (Ka‘iulani’s father) while at Honoka‘a High School but were separated for a time due to Emilio joining and serving in the Army after graduation.  Upon his return to Hawai‘i, they were married and started a family in New Stable Camp, a home that Ka‘iulani and her children now own and continue to maintain.  With five children in the family, Ka‘iulani was encouraged to get her education but money was always a barrier.  Ka‘iulani said, “Throughout their challenges, they believed that education was a “way out.”  They didn’t want us to struggle or miss out on the vast knowledge available to so many others.” When Ka‘iulani began school at UH Hilo, her parents were proud but trying to pay tuition and raise her own family as well as work became too difficult.  With an opportunity to now finish that journey, Ka‘iulani jumped at the chance to continue her education.  “If given this opportunity (again), it would be an honor for me to fulfill my parent’s educational dream, not just for me, but especially for both of them.”

    Lisa McMoyler


    Lisa McMoyler has lived in Hawai‘i for 40 years. She is a non-traditional student returning to college part-time as a way of enhancing her current career path and personal interests, while simultaneously exploring her higher education options. In fall 2011, she took Sociology 100 and Biology 101. This semester, she is enrolled in Art 109 – Introduction to Drawing & Painting. Lisa decided to take this class to “better express and share the images I perceive in my mind and the beauty of life.”

    Lisa appreciates receiving the Dr. Haruto Okada Memorial Scholarship because it helps her “give back through art some of my gratitude and joy I find in life. I work 80 hours a week as a caregiver to the elderly. I think having an outlet for my creativity will enhance my ability to care for others, providing a quality experience for someone at the end of life.” This is a great perspeLisa McMoylerctive that helps honor Dr. Okada for all of the contributions he made to the lives of Hamakua residents in the past.

    In a letter of recommendation, a supporter of Lisa’s shared, “Her way of seeing the world is sweet and unique. Her art is a joy to experience.” We congratulate Lisa for receiving this scholarship and thank her for the great work she is doing that helps memorialize Dr. Okada’s legacy in our community.

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