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Welcome to Kanilehua!

Among the endless academic papers and projects that you have undoubtedly been producing, perhaps you have felt the need to let your creative thoughts come to life. Here at Kanilehua, we would love to be a part of your creative process. We are looking for your creative pieces to grace the pages of our student run Art and Literary Magazine here at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. From now until March 6th, 2015, we are welcoming all UH Hilo students to enter their photography, art, poetry, and creative writing to us. What better way to have your creative work admired by your peers than to be published in the Kanilehua Art and Literary Magazine? Also, this publication is paid for by student fees, so why not participate? So please submit! All of us here at Kanilehua would love to receive your work and help you take the next step towards being published.

If you do decided to submit your work to us, there are a few things that you need to know:

All UH students are welcome to submit up to five pieces of their work in the subjects of creative writing, poetry, photography, and art.

When submitting your work, please include an artistic image or photograph of yourself accompanied by a short biographical statement about who you are and what your passions include. We want to get to know the artists, writers, poets, and photographers whose work we will be enjoying. If you are one of the talented few to be published in our magazine, your short biography and accompanying image will be included in a special section for those whose work made it into the publication, which will appear at the end of the magazine.  

Remember, the deadline is March 6th, 2015, so start writing, drawing, capturing, and editing your way towards publication in our student run and funded magazine. If you’re a UHH student who wants to share their creative work with the world, then don”t hesitate. You have nothing to lose, and the possibility of your work being published and appreciated to gain. So please, submit! Our eager editors will be waiting to hear from you.

Now accepting submissions for Fall 2014/Spring 2015 publication! Due March 6th, 2015!

All UH Hilo students are invited to submit up to 5 works with the following criteria:

  • We accept fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry (verse, free verse, etc.), prose, digital art, visual art, and photography.
  • Submit entries as email attachments to uhhkanilehua@gmail.com
  • For art, send in a high quality jpeg image of your work
  • For literature, send a word document in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, with no additional formatting (Okay for poetry)
  • Please remove all identifying information from your work (signatures on art works are okay)
  • Attachments should be titled as name of submission in the following format: piecename_firstname_lastname (example: Lykaio_Jessica_Ho)
  • Please include your name, piece title, and medium of the work in the text of the email.
  • Please include a photo, sketch, or creative image of yourself and an artist's statement of your personal inspiration or motivation for the piece, or your art in general (optional...not required, but preferred).

Work submitted that does not follow these requirements will not be considered.

Submissions are due by March 6th, 2015.