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The certificate consists of four required components:

Academic coursework

Required:  Anthropology 100 (3 credits) and two courses (8 credits) in a single language other than English.  (The language requirement may be waived for students whose first language in not English.)

Electives:  3 courses (9 credits) chosen from selected classes in Agriculture, Anthropology, Communication, Economics, English, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

Total Credits:  20

Intercultural or international experience Participate in a study abroad, cultural exchange, or an international internship, service, volunteer or research experience.  Or, engage in a sustained experience in the U.S. that provides a significant intercultural experience.
Intercultural events and activities Attend 5 events and activities of an intercultural or international nature, such as lectures, workshops, presentations, performances, service activities, and community events.  A reflection paper is required for each event or activity.
Portfolio Produce a portfolio to synthesize your global and intercultural experiences, knowledge, and skills.

The certificate can be combined with any undergraduate major, and courses applied to major or minor requirements can also apply to the certificate.  With careful planning, all of the certificate requirements can be completed in two years.

After completion of the program requirements, you will receive a certificate in Global Engagement and it will be listed on your transcript.

See the detailed description of the the certificate requirements.