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Design Your Course in Eight Easy Steps!

  1. Contact Cindy Yamaguchi ( for hybrid and Distance Learning course design support.

  2. Login to Laulima at and click the course's tab.

  3. To add components of a quality online course print out and use the UH Hilo Quality Online Course Design Guidelines.
  1. Add a Welcome page to your course to provide students with important information about course requirements, tool explanations, student resources, and more.
  1. Add a Syllabus, including contact and office hours information; disability statement; and information about how students should conduct themselves.

    • Samples of comprehensive online course syllabi:

  2. Add Tools for course content, communication, assignments, exams, and more.
  3. Two weeks prior to the semester send out an email to students with important information about your course:

  4. Using the UH Hilo Quality Online Course Design Guidelines, complete a review of your online course with Cindy Yamaguchi and obtain a Certificate of Outstanding Online Contribution.

For more assistance:

Laulima Fix-its and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Access helpful solutions and FAQ's from your peers - Send Cindy Yamaguchi your questions and solutions.
      • Communications - Includes giving students access to Discussions on a specific date or time.
      • Grading - Covers how to fix Gradebook so dashes don't make student grades higher.
      • PowerPoints - Includes fixing problems with Impaticized versions not working and alternatives to using Impatica.
      • Syllabus - Covers how to get your online students to read your Syllabus.
      • Testing - Includes how to set an exam for just one student.
      • More Laulima FAQs

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