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CoBE Faculty and Staff

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Office of the Dean

Krishna S. Dhir
Krishna S. Dhir
Professor, Management Science
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Jacqueline “Jackie” Sales-Iyo
Jacqueline “Jackie” Sales-Iyo
Secretary, 932-7272, COBE 208

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Chelsey A. Nishioka
Chelsey A. Nishioka
Administrative Services Officer, 932-7272, COBE 208

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Business Administration and Economics

Tam Vu
Chair, Business Administration and Economics; Professor, Economics, 932-7485, COBE 117

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Drew Martin
Drew Martin
Interim Dean, College of Business and Economics; Professor, Marketing, 932-7250, COBE 207

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Kelly Burke
Kelly Burke
Professor, Management Information Systems, 932-7248, COBE 115

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Jerry Calton
Professor, Management, 932-7247, COBE 114

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Emmeline de Pillis
Professor, Management & ALEX Coordinator, 932-7251, COBE 118

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Thomas DeWitt
Thomas DeWitt
Associate Professor, Marketing, 932-7245, COBE 109

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Kimberly Furumo
Professor, Management Information Systems, 932-7239, COBE 113

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Terrance Jalbert
Professor, Finance, 932-7249, COBE 111

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Gene Johnson
Gene Johnson
Associate Professor, Accounting, 932-7252, COBE 104

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Eric Im
Eric Im
Professor, Economics, 932-7483, COBE 116

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Keisuke Nakao
Associate Professor, Economics, 932-7228, COBE 108

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Marcia Sakai
Vice Chancellor, 932-7650, ADM 114

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