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Bee Hive Stand for Ground Little Fire Ant (LFA) Control


Hive stand Stand

Little Fire Ant (LFA) is an agricultural problem, especially for honey bees.

This stand creates a physcial barrier which prevents LFA from entering the bee hive from the ground.

Note: This system does not protect hives from arboreal LFA that might fall onto the hive from above.

Lorna Tsutsumi, UH Hilo CAFNRM Professor of Entomology

Richard Short, UH Hilo CAFNRM Farm Manager

Denna Macanas, UH Hilo CAFNRM Entomology 374

Financial support for this project was provided by a USDA Post Harvest Grant #658463


For a hard copy of the Bee Hive Stand for Ground LFA control refer to the contact information on the side tab.