2014 ALEX Spring Student Research Conference (May 2 - 3)

Located in the University Classroom Building (UCB) on the campus of UH Hilo, the Student Research Conference spans two days, Saturday and Sunday, and is open to the general public. The schedule of presentations is provided below.

Presentation Schedule

Friday, May 2 - 1:00-3:00 pm

Time UCB 101 UCB 103




1:00 PM



Lizette Martinez (English) - "Lorca's Duende: Exploring the Impact of Duende on the Poet's Body of Work"



James Stilley - (Marine Science) "Ecological Survey of Puhi Bay and Richardson's Ocean Center"




1:30 PM



Kana Fujihira (Psychology)- "Affect: Do Ethnicity and Gender Influence Emotions?"



Louise Economy (Marine Science) - "Staphylococcus Aureus and MRSA in Hilo Bay"




2:00 PM



Hitomi Kitade (Economics) - "The Inverse Correlation Between Unemployment Rate and Inflation"



Emily Wallingford (Marine Science) - "Estimated Age Class Structure of Juveinile Oceanic Blacktip Sharks (Carcharhinus Limbatus) in Hilo Bay, Hawaii"




2:30 PM



Lindsey Takara (Pharmacy) - "Stall Drugs: Assessment of Student Satisfaction with Drug Information Posters in Lavoratory Stalls"



Serina Ki'ili (Marine Science) - "Effects of GeothermallyHeated Groundwater on the Dissolved Inorganic Carbon System at Wai 'Opae, Hawai'i Island"


Saturday, May 3 - 9:00-11:30 am

Time UCB 101 UCB 103






Alexandria Nakao-Eligado (Economics) - "Hawaii Construction Industry and Tourism"



Kara Nelson (English) - "Signifiers in Maus: Signs of the Holocaust and 'Other' Serving as Symbols of Oppression"






Andrew Jackson Musick IV (Japanese Studies)- "Uchinaaguchi Indiginous Language of Okinawa - Language Shift and Language Murder"



Bryce Pierson (English) - "The Isolation of the Western Hero"






Ian Seely (Geology) - "The Modern 'Gold Rush'"



Katlin Chesney (English) - "Knowing Epilepsy: The Stigma and The Facts"






Amy Markel (Marine Science) - "Differences in Zooxanthellae and Sclerite Densities of Blue Soft Coral, Sarcothelia Edmondsoni, from Hawai'i Island, HI"





English Panel Discussion





Cameron Ka'ilikea Shayler (Marine Science) - "Ranking Interspecific and Intraspecific Aggression Between Commonly Observed Hermtypic Corals at Mahukona Reef, South Kohala, Hawai'i"


Ashley Terrell (Japanese Studies) - "Child Body": An Analysis of the Japanese and Western Body through Creative Movement"