2014 ALEX Spring Student Research Conference

Held each semester, the Office of Applied Learning Experiences (ALEX) is proud to host the University's only multi-displinary and multi-level (undergraduate and graduate) research conference.

Held on May 2 - 3, 2014 in the University Classroom Building, this Spring's conference features tracks based on academic disciplines, various presentation formats (podium, poster, and tabletop presentations) and panel discussions. Both independent study and course based (participation required for course completion) presentations.

The purpose of the conference is to both highlight student research efforts at UH Hilo and encourage and facilitate faculty use of student research in course design. Students are expected to deliver a 15 minute presentation that will be judged by faculty judges outside of the student's discipline using criteria that can be generalized across all forms of research.

The focus will be on the research process and presentation, not the significance of the research findings. Awards will be presented for the top three research presentations. Students will be assessed on how well they communicate the following:

  • Clearly stated research question
  • Description of methods
  • Results and data analysis
  • Conclusion/implications for further research

In addition, students will be evaluated on their overall communication skills and poise during the presentation.