Credit Bearing Internships

Please complete the Credit Bearing Internship Application the semester prior to your credit bearing internship opportunity. The information you provide in the online application will be used to identify the best option for you to earn academic credits for your internship given your specific situation and major area of study and to get you registered for that credit bearing option by the beginning of the spring semester. . The deadline for submitting applications for internships beginning in January, 2015 is Sunday, December 14.


ALEX Fall Internship Fair

The ALEX Fall Internship Fair was held on Thursday, October 30, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. in the Campus Center Dining Room and featured 32 organizations providing nearly 100 internship opportunities.

Employer listings and job descriptions can be found here.

Commonly Asked Questions Prior to the Fair

What does it mean to be 'dressed professionally'?

It's important to remember that the people you are approaching at the internship fair are trying to imagine what you will look like and how you will act in the position they are recruiting for from the moment that you approach them at the fair. In a sense, the fair is a tryout for a position that you and other participants are vying for. That being said, it's in your best interest to present yourself in the best possible way. This means wearing a pressed collared shirt or blouse (no t-shirts or garments that expose your midrift), pressed long pants (chinos are appropriate), and appropriate shoes (no slippers or tennis shoes).

How many resumes should I bring?

First of all, spend some time researching the employers listed below and the opportunities that they are providing. After identifying which positions you are interested in, look for key words and descriptors contained in the position descriptions. In addition, research the web page of the organizations that you are interested in. Identify their values and the principles that they hold dear in their organization. For example, Target values leadership and team work. THEN, for each position you plan to express interest in, design a separate resume that utilizes these descriptors and values in describing your skills and experiences. The combination resume on page 15 of the University of Hawaii at Hilo Resume Writing Guide is perfect for accomplishing this task, as you can copy and paste the different categories of skills and experiences that are relevant for each position. In certain instances, you'll be able to use the same resume for several employers. For example, there are multiple employers looking for marketing interns and it's likely that the skills and experiences for each of the positions is very similar. In sum, bring as many copies of your resume as the number of positions that you plan to apply for, as long as you've tailored the resumes to meet the needs of the prospective employer.

How do I approach employers at the fair?

Beyond the obvious (smile, make eye contact, shake the recruiters hand, provide a pleasant and genuine verbal greeting), you should prepare a 30 second commercial for each of the employers that you plan to meet with at the fair. What should be in your 30 second commercial? First of all, introduce yourself: "Hi, my name is _____________, it's nice to meet you!" Secondly, provide evidence that you've researched the position and the organization offering it, and express genuine interest in both the position and the organization: "I read about your organization and the position online. I'm really impressed with your values and the position sounds fascinating." Lastly, close with information that expresses why you're a good fit for the position and the organization, without sounding boastful: "I noticed that your organization values leadership and teamwork. I have a lot of experience working as a leader and facilitating teamwork, as I'm been the president of the University's chess club for the past two years and I was an athlete in high school." You should also have some questions about the position and organization prepared prior to the fair. This shows that you're not only interested, but that you took the initiative to prepare for the fair.

ALEX Internship Manual

If you're interested in earning academic credit for your internship, please refer to the ALEX Internship Manual (ALEX-Internship-Manual) for details on what is required for completing a credit bearing internship through the Office of Applied Learning Experiences (ALEX).

ALEX Internship Application

If you're identified an internship opportunity which you would like to pursue and want to earn UNIV 399V/499V (general electives) credit for your experience, please complete the ALEX Internship Application.